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Sunu Band Ultrasonic Smart-Watch

The Future is Here with Sunu Band

Sunu Band is the world's first fully-accessible smart-watch that combines sonar or echolocation technology with precision haptic feedback to augment perception, awareness and independence. Sunu band uses a compact ultrasonic sensor within a beautifully designed smart-watch to detect the proximity of objects that are within the your environment - allowing you to safely move about your environments with confidence and ease.

How Does Sunu Band Work

The Sunu Band Smart-Watch Features

Sunu Band is the world's first smart-watch that enhances the navigation experience for the visually impaired by combining echolocation technology with precision haptic feedback. Sunu Band combines powerful on-board sensors with a mobile app to add continuous functionality, while providing full customizability and control the user. Sunu Band provides:

  • Ultrasonic technology detect object or obstacles up to 14ft in range.
  • Precise navigation capability with powerful on-board sensors.
  • Discreetly tell time and set alarms with the vibration (haptic) watch.
  • Connects with multiple Sunu Tags to track and find personal articles.
  • Easy interface with touch pad and gesture recognition control
  • Personalize the device features and functions via the Sunu App for iOS and Android (available in the spring of 2017).
  • Access to new apps and device updates over the cloud. 

Benefits of Using Smart-Watch

Sunu Band is for anyone who want to enjoy the freedom of mobility and travel with confidence. Sunu Band is helpful for people living with low vision, vision loss and for those who are partially or totally blind. Sunu Band helps increase your awareness to objects or obstacles that are within your environment in a way that is discreet and intuitive. Sunu Band is much more than just another assistive device. It is intelligent and connected. With Sunu Band you will:

  • Improve spatial awareness and navigation: reduce unwanted collision by sensing objects nearby or further away (up to 14ft) with Sunu Band combined echolocation and vibration feedback.
  • Customize and Update: by adjusting the device features and functions to your specific needs. Receive the latest device updates and unlock new apps via the Sunu App (available spring 2017).
  • Track & Find: Sunu Tags make it easy for you to keep track of your personal articles. 

You will find some other amazing benefits with Sunu Band that no other device an deliver:

  • Fully functional and beautifully designed smart-watch.
  • Intended to work well with other assistive aids (white cane, guide dogs, etc).
  • Includes tutorials and Guides that are backed by experts in orientation and mobility. 

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Our mission is to empower independence through technology that is truly enjoyable and smart. We are here to help you. If you have any questions or require additional support, please contact us directly at or via our web contact form. 


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